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notes on recording:

1.23 volts = +4 dbu = 0 VU

double the distance = half the volume

beauty = truth and truth = beauty

I am a Recording Engineer, Mixer, and Producer based in Richland, WA. 

My studio is a great place for recording, mixing, overdubs, production, and experimentation. 

If a different space is needed, my system is road-racked and portable so it can go to another studio,  a performance venue, or anywhere you like to play...  a rehearsal space, a house, a church, a winery, a barn, a cave... anywhere.

Wherever there is power I can record and work...  I actually prefer recording in places other than studios... making records is more fun that way :)

As a mixer, I can bring new ears and perspective to the recordings you’ve made on your own or made elsewhere, in an amazing listening environment with fantastic monitoring.

As a producer, I can work with you to grow your songs, arrangements, orchestrations, and productions, whether you’re a songwriter with a guitar who wants to figure out how to bring a bigger life to your music or a band trying to find your sound. 

Whichever stage of the process I can be involved with, making recordings is what I love- nothing can match the joy of success in finding the elements that will bring out the best in a song and making a work that truly communicates.

Recording in a studio

Recording at a location of your choice instead of a studio

Recording live performances

Mixing projects you recorded on your own

Mixing projects someone else recorded for you

Mixing projects I recorded for you

Expanding solo performances to full arrangements

Enhancing electronic/computer music productions

Refining songs, arrangements, orchestrations, productions

Solo artists


Acoustic Ensembles

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